The excitement of feeding a giant tarpon a fly or hooking up on light tackle is one of the most challenging and thrilling angling experiences. It is my passion. I’ve spent over 20 years guiding and developing my techniques for hooking these amazing fish. I would love to share that experience with you here in Boca Grande, Florida. Our opportunities include early season laid up fish, daisy chaining tarpon and gorgeous shots at fish swimming our shoals. I look forward to guiding you to these prehistoric fish.

Captain Leo Henriques


Captain Leo Henriques has guided for giant Tarpon since the early 1990’s. As a result, his knowledge of the Boca Grande, Florida fishery is unsurpassed. Above all Captain Leo has made it his goal to understand the seasonal moments and behavior of the Tarpon. He is truly a student of Tarpon behavior and patterns.

The Charlotte Harbor estuary offers a diverse range of opportunities from the backcountry grass flats, creeks and rivers to the sandy shoals. As a result of this diverse ecosystem, Boca Grande does hold Tarpon year round. Leo knows when the fish prefer to use each of these environments.


Of course the Tarpon migration through the Charlotte Harbor estuary is a large focus of the Spring angling season. As the waters Boca Grande, Florida warm up so does the Tarpon fishing. Fly fisherman seeking an ultimate experience will certainly not be disappointed.

All levels of fly fisherman should expect success with Captain Leo’s experience. His sharp eye sight will help guide you to the cast. From there he will assist you with in the art of Tarpon negotiation. Stripping the fly with the right attitude for the fish is an art. That last little bump of your fly can make the difference as you talk the Tarpon into closing the deal. After that prepare for a shot of adrenaline as most tarpon will take flight toward an impressive first run and jump after being hooked. Their air show will make lasting memories.


Boca Grande’s Tarpon fishing can remain very good through the late summer and into early Fall. Leo is always aware of the fish movements and knows whether to focus on Tarpon or other species in the fringe part of the season. Therefore is best to follow your captain's reccomendation to get the most from your experience. Weather plays a large part in this decision.


Tarpon fly selection is another area of careful consideration. Leo has spent years developing and fine tuning the patterns he prefers for the Boca Grande area. Time of year, fish location in the estuary, water clarity, and light conditions will all factor into Captain Leo’s choice of Tarpon fly. Fly fisherman are welcome to bring their own selection of flies. If you like to tie Captain Leo can offer suggestions of patterns and color combinations for you to focus your efforts on. Futhermore, he can provide you direction on hook size and and brand.


  • 11/12 wt. fly rod is recommended for this fishing. Captain Leo has rods available as well. Arriving with the fly rod rigged up will save time on your charter. Leo will check your leaders to make sure they are proper for our fishing situation.
  • Flies if you like. Captain Leo will also have flies available and will make recommendation on the best selection for the conditions
  • High quality polarized glasses (amber, copper, or yellow tint is best. This item is a must to sight fish effectively.
  • A good hat with a dark under brim to cut the glare
  • Sunscreen. Please no spray sun screens. It stains the deck as well as causes a slipping hazard
  • Lunch/Snacks if you like. Water will be provided.
  • Lightweight rain gear
  • Light colored UPF clothing is recommended



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