Snook are ambush predators with amazing eye sight. The larger fish demand precision placement and skilled stripping of the fly to be talked into eating. But hooking into a 36"+ snook is an angling thrill of a lifetime. They will pull every dirty trick they know to keep from being landed. I’d love to share the experience of catching these exciting fish with you.

Captain Leo Henriques


Capt. Leo Henriques has guided in the Boca Grande, Florida waters since the early 1990’s. His has taken the time to learn the backcountry waters of Charlotte Harbor which hold snook year round. Larger snook are extremely challenging to catch and provide a top fly fishing experience. Their superior eye sight and elevated instincts demand angling excellence. Usually these fish are caught with a baitfish pattern fly. Smaller snook often respond to blind casting, or “banging the mangroves” with gurglers. The surface bite is often fierce and exciting. Once hooked expect the snook to put on an air show with jumps.  So a solid hook set is crucial to landing these fish.

In the summer months many of the snook make their way onto the beaches of the barrier islands. Under the right wind conditions the water will become super clear and provide beautiful sight shots. Capt. Leo will help you spot the snook. Often you’ll see them actively hunting baits right up to the edge of the surf line.


Fly selection is another area of careful consideration. Capt. Leo has spent years developing and fine tuning the patterns he prefers for the Boca Grande area. Time of year, fish location in the estuary, water clarity, and light conditions will all factor into Capt. Leo’s choice of snook fly. Fly fisherman are welcome to bring their own selection of flies. Gurglers, EP fiber baitfish, and deer hair sweepers are good choices for the area. If you like to tie, Capt. Leo can offer suggestions of patterns and color combinations that are effective in Boca Grande. He can also provide information on the best hooks and sizes. It is recommended to follow any suggestions made by the captain.


  • 8 wt. fly rod is recommended for this fishing. Capt. Leo has rods available as well
  • Flies if you like. Capt. Leo will also have flies available and will make recommendation on the best selection for the conditions
  • Polarized sunglasses with amber or yellow tint lenses is a must to sight fish
  • A good hat with a dark under brim to cut the glare
  • Sunscreen. Please no spray sun screens. It stains the deck as well as causes a slipping hazard
  • Lunch/Snacks if you like. Water will be provided.



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