Boca Grande Redfish are getting hot!

Boca Grande Redfish are getting hot. Fall is traditionally a great time of year to get on the Reds. The warm weather has pushed the season a little deeper this year as we waited for the water to start cooling down. There was awesome late season Snook fishing to be had but now it’s time to start peaking in on the Redfish.

Gearing Up to Go

Scott S3 8 wt. fly rod – Up against mangroves is going to give you more butt strength to stop the fish from getting into the trees. If you happen into a big snook while looking for those Reds you’ll be better matched up as well. You can check out Scott’s saltwater offerings here:

Abel Super 8 – I love this reel. It’s a classic and just continues to perform. Sure it does require a bit of maintenance but if you take care of it, it will treat you well for a long time. While this particular model is no longer made Abel has great sealed drag options available now. You can check them out at:

Tides – If you’re hoping to find tailers I recommend checking on the falling tide. The fish are more likely to feed shallow and tail on this tide.

Fly Patterns

Again if you are fishing tailers it has to be on the bottom and a buggy pattern. The water is going to be shallow so a lightly weighted fly that will not hit the water too hard is important. Shrimp, mangrove critters or small crab patterns. When that fish’s tail goes down long slow strips are the way to go.

If you go with a baitfish fly select a slow sinking pattern with a weed guard. This will get the fly off the surface which you should expect to generate more interest from Redfish. Your color selection will depend on water color, light conditions and bottom conditions (sand/grass).  Don’t get too fast with your strips here. If you move the fly too quickly the fish will often quite on it. If you find this happening slow the fly down so it maintains a “connection” with that fish.

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