Bill Bishop: Client Testimonial

I have fly fished for tarpon in Boca Grande, Florida with Leo for many years. Leo is a “TEACHING” guide. Teaching guides are set apart from guides that simply lead anglers to fish. His complete understand of both the behavioral patterns of tarpon as well as the ever changing physical layout of the various fisheries is unprecedented. Good fishing guides are a dime a dozen. Great guides are few and far between. Great guides aspire to impart all aspects of the art of fly fishing to their clients. In the case of fly fishing for tarpon this would include, seeing fish, casting, feeding, hooking and the process of fighting and landing tarpon. The learning curve involved in this sport is both vertical and a life long endeavor. Trying to learn it on your own without the advantage of an experienced teaching guide is impossible. Everyday spent on the water with Leo is another opportunity to obtain this objective. It takes teamwork to pull it off correctly. Start your journey with Leo!

Bill Bishop

Author of High Rollers: Fly Fishing for Giant Tarpon

Stuyve Pierrepont: Client Testimonial

Leo, thank you for a great four days of fishing in Boca Grande. While the weather was challenging, it was great that we hooked fish every day. I could not have done it without the aid of your sharp eyes . Thanks for the great fly rod and fighting tips. It's so valuable having a FFF certified casting instructor as your guide. Boca Grande is always one of my favorite trips and I can’t wait till next year. I loved seeing those early morning rollers and floating daisy chains of giant tarpon in the afternoon. I can’t wait for another Boca Grande sunset.


Stuyve Pierrepont

David Hicks: Client Testimonial

Bill Bishop suggested I book a few days with Captain Leo in Boca Grande, FL as I was keen to learn more about catching tarpon. I have had guides all over the world but never have I had anyone who teaches as well as Leo. From fixing my casting stroke that was destroying my shoulder to learning to present the fly correctly and then landing large tarpon in under 20 minutes, Leo has taught me everything I was looking for. His respect for the sea and the tarpon is inspiring. Leo is self taught and his knowledge base of fly fishing, particularly tarpon fishing, is broad and deep so when he shares any pearls of wisdom, I write them down. I do fish on my own but I catch many more fish when I am with Leo.

David M. Hicks, Jr.

James Rector: Client Testimonial

I would like to start by saying that Leo is definitely the hardest working guide I ever fished with and that he has turned into a good friend. I’ve been tarpon fishing with Leo for 6 to 7 years now. I fish my week in June every year and sometimes come to Boca Grande in May when he has an opening. If there are tarpon swimming Leo will find them no matter if they are on the beaches or in the back country. If you are new to this then I suggest you book a day or two with him. I didn’t know a thing (total greenhorn) when I first fished with Leo. Most tarpon guides just say “here they come”.  And when you blow the shot (and you will) and are flailing on your cast Leo takes the time to actually show you and to explain how to better yourself. I even call him to ask tips for my casting practice sessions. I thought I was pretty good caster for my local fishing. Tarpon fly fishing is a whole another game... PRACTICE! This is the most exciting fishing on earth and I feel really lucky to be hooked up with Leo. Oh yeah, he has bionic eyes which give you plenty of time to set up. I have had my best fishing memories with Leo and know there are more to come.

James Rector

Rick Hirsch: Client Testimonial

If you are looking to catch a giant tarpon in the Boca Grande, Florida area you need to book days with Captain Henriques. He will guide you to see more fish, cast to more fish and land more fish. Captain Leo also provides casting instruction and tips for fighting these giant fish if you need that assistance. He is a super pro. If you are a beginner or intermediate angler you will leave his boat a better tarpon angler. Captain Leo's experience and instruction are invaluable. I have booked many days with Captain Leo and hooked many. many tarpon under his guidance. Bring your best game, your sense of humor and prepare for a great day.

Rick Hirsch


Since 1993

Boca Grande Fly Fishing Boasts the Beautiful

Charlotte Harbor Estuary

The waters surrounding Boca Grande, Florida provide some of the greatest opportunities to sight fish giant tarpon. The Peace and Myakka rivers provide abundant food sources for these fish as well as great habit for juvenile tarpon. Early in the season we find these fish laid up in the Charlotte Harbor, Matlacha Pass and Pine Island Sound and using the protected waters afforded by the islands. In summer we typically have beautiful shots on tarpon swimming the outside beaches of Gasparilla Island, Cayo Costa and Captiva in less than 10 feet of water. For these reasons Boca Grande, Florida has consistently provided some of the best giant tarpon fishing in the world.

The backcountry consisting of the most noteworthy Bull Bay, Turtle Bay and Whidden's Creek is filled with mangrove islands. It is ideal habitat for cruising snook, tailing redfish, sea trout and during the right time of the year tarpon. Stealthily poling the grass flats, pothole edges and sandy beaches is an exciting way to sight fish these species. Furthermore, the quiet manner in which we fish also provides wonderful sightseeing opportunities on the many birds found in the region including bald eagles, spoonbills, ibis, pelicans (brown & white), loons and heron to name a few.

Aerial view of Gasparilla Island and Cayo Costa and the surrounding waters
Mangrove islands in the backcountry of Charlotte Harbor